Hot Lunch

Your Quick Guide to Hot Lunch Ordering


Monday-Thursday Lunches:

Provided by:  Mrs. Lorie Spiess

Online Ordering: No

Credit Card Payments:  No

Checks or Cash: Yes – Make checks payable to Lorie Spiess

Multi-Day/Month ordering:  Yes

Where to place orders:  Assumption Kitchen starting at 7:30AM on Mon-Thur

Cost: $4.25** (including milk) for students and adults  Please write checks to LORIE SPIESS.

Menu:  Sent home monthly and updated on WWCS website. All items are homemade ranging from Baked Rigatoni to Chili with Cornbread.  All meals include a fruit and/or vegetable and dessert is served occasionally.  All meals include milk.

Notes: Students need to raise hands in class at roll call signifying they are having hot lunch.  Teachers send lunch count to Mrs. Spiess. Please have orders into Mrs. Spiess by 9:30am so she can avoid shortages.

Forgot a lunch?: Students can charge up to three lunches & notes will be sent home for payment.


Friday Lunch:

Provided by:  Big Cheese Pizza   (as the 8th Grade Trip Fundraiser)

Online Ordering: No

Credit Card Payments: No

Checks or Cash: Yes – Make checks payable to Walla Walla Catholic Schools (WWCS)

Multi-Day/Month ordering:  You can order for more than a week if you send detailed notes with what you are ordering for your student on Friday.

Where to place orders:  Send students with money and they can place orders with the 8th grade students.

Cost: $2 for the first slice, $1 per additional slice of pizza, $0.50 for milk.

Menu:  Pepperoni or Cheese Big Cheese Pizza

Notes: 8th grade students will collect money and place orders for the students. Please note if you are paying for more than one student at a time, make your children aware to tell the 8th graders that information so they can mark both students.

Forgot a lunch?:  While we usually have extras, there are no guarantees.  Try to notify the school before 9:30 when we place the pizza order.

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