WWCS Board of Directors

Governance of the WWCS

In the fall of 2007, the WWCS was established as a Washington Nonprofit Corporation. While continuing to serve as a ministry of the three Catholic parishes of Walla Walla, the establishment of the WWCS as a separate corporation necessitated a division of responsibilities between the religious affairs and business affairs of the WWCS.

Governance of Religious and Spiritual Affairs

It is the responsibility of the Bishop of the Diocese of Spokane to appoint a Canonical Administrator (CA) for the WWCS.  It is the responsibility of the CA (in conjunction with the board of directors) to both guide and ensure that the Walla Walla Catholic Schools act in conformity with Canon Law.

It is also the responsibility of the CA to oversee all aspects of the schools' Catholic identity, including both participation with and oversight of the religious education curriculum, retreat program, and faculty and staff spiritual guidance.

To ensure that the Catholic mission is considered along with the business affairs of the WWCS, the CA serves as an ex officio Director of the WWCS Board.   Additionally, each of the acting Pastors or Pastoral Ministers of Assumption, St. Patrick and St. Francis Parishes are invited to serve as Directors of Walla Walla Catholic Schools.

Governance of Business Affairs

A Board of Directors is responsible for the general business affairs of the WWCS.  The Bylaws of the Board can be viewed by selecting here

Responsibilities of the WWCS Board of Directors

  • Policy setting
  • Strategic and long term planning
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Oversight of business operations and financial affairs, including fundraising and development
  • Hiring, evaluation, and termination of the President

By addressing these responsibilities it is the duty of the board to ensure that the WWCS are operating responsibly, effectively, and efficiently, and planning appropriately to ensure that our mission will continue to be fulfilled well into the future.  The Board executes these responsibilities largely through the President.

It is important to understand that Board responsibilities are limited to those items listed above.  Day to day operations of the WWCS are primarily the responsibility of the President and senior administrative staff.

Composition, Election, and Term of Board Members

There are currently 9 members of the board. As dictated by a bylaw revision in 2016 , 40% of the members may be parents of current students, and 60% may not be parents of current students.  Employees or spouses of employees of the WWCS are ineligible to serve on the board.

The board members are nominated and elected by the current board and serve a 3 year term, renewable once.  If you are interested in serving on the board or you would like to nominate a board member please contact the current board chair listed at the top right column of this page.

Meeting time, location, agendas, and minutes

  • Board meetings are generally held the fourth Thursday of each month from September through June, 6:30 pm, in the DeSales Library.
  • Agendas will be posted on the web site 5 days in advance of the meeting
  • Board meeting minutes will be approved at the next scheduled Board meeting. Once approved, they will be posted to the website within a week. 

Access to Meetings

A public portion shall be provided at each Board meeting to allow individuals to voice questions and concerns on agenda items.  The comments or questions shall be limited to two (2) minutes per topic unless the presiding officer waives the time limit.   Unless necessary, as determined by the Board, the Board of Directors will not address the questions or comments at the meeting.

Persons wishing to speak on items not covered in the regular agenda or who wish to make a formal presentation to the Board must make their intent known, in writing, to the Chairperson at least two weeks prior to the regular meeting. If a request arrives less than two weeks prior to the regular meeting, the decision to add the topic to the agenda will be left to the discretion of the Board Chairperson.  The person or persons making the request shall briefly explain his or her or their intentions and the nature of the business.  The presentation and discussion shall be limited to 10 minutes unless the presiding officer waives the time limit.   Unless necessary as determined by the Board, the Board of Directors will not at that meeting of the Board address or respond to the business or matters presented.  The presiding officer will acknowledge the concerns voiced by the persons at the public portion.

The presiding officer may expel or exclude from any meeting any person who engages in any improper conduct at the meeting.  Improper conduct shall include, but is not limited to, speaking without being recognized by the presiding officer, exceeding the established time limit, using abusive or foul language, and any other behavior that the presiding officer determines is disruptive or unproductive.

Additional Info


»»Meeting Agendas
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Executive Committee

  • Claire Valente - Chair
  • Sarah Beechinor - Vice Chair
  • Jerry Anhorn - Secretary
  • Kristal Hassler - Treasurer

Committee Chairs

  • Finance - Kristal Hassler
  • Marketing - Melissa Thiessen
  • Nominating - Claire Valente
  • Policy & Procedure - Mona Geidl
  • Strategic Plan - Claire Valente
  • Catholic Identity - Greg Fazzari and Rev. Tyler Smedley
  • Safety - John Lesko
  • Canonical Administrator - Rev. Matthew Nicks
  • Building & Grounds - Jerry Anhorn

Contact the Board

Claire Valente

Mona Geidl

Elly Sherry

Sarah Beechinor

Rev. Matthew Nicks

Kristal Hassler

Jerry Anhorn Jr.

Kay White

Anne Guest

Andrea Renholds

Deacon Jim Barrow

David Byma

Melissa Thiessen

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